American football, perhaps more than any other sport, lends itself to spread betting perfectly. The game has a good turnover of points, there are breaks in play to allow trading and to digest what is happening on the field and despite being based in the United States, the statistics for the game are probably more easily attainable and user friendly than for any other sport. The other significant feature for anyone betting on NFL American football is the remarkable way it is organised by the sports administrators.


While nearly every other professional sport in recent years has seen the best and richest teams become more and more dominant, almost exactly the opposite has happened in the NFL. The era when ‘America’s team’, the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco Forty-Niners won championship after championship has disappeared. Now nearly every team believes it has a chance of making it their year. There are several reasons. One is the method of recruiting new players via a draft of young talent coming from the college levels.


It means that the previous season’s worst teams get first pick of the best young players. The stars-to- be may take time to become the real deal, but they can give a poor team the new blood to be a force in years to come.