Of course, betting on the winner of the game is always an option. However, in the world of sports betting, there are so many types of bets offered, each related to a completely different aspect of the game. Therefore, it is useful to scrutinize to get the best odds.


Result bet

The resulting bet is very simple to explain. The point here is to determine the exact final result of the game. Resulting bets are very popular in football and usually offer higher odds than 3-way bets. This is because it is more difficult. Result betting is less common in sports such as basketball, which are often played.

2-way and 3-way bet

With 2-way or 3-way bets, you bet only on trends, not on accurate results. If Team A or Team B wins, or if the game ends in a draw. 3-way bets are usually listed as 1X2. In tennis, there is usually only a two-way bet, that is, a player A or player B win.


Personal bets

Instead of betting on results or tournament winners, you can also focus on individual players. For example, in the case of a goal scorer. In soccer, at least in high-end games, there are often options to bet on all players involved in the game. Then, for example, a bet is made on who will score the first goal or whether the player will score in the game.


Half-time or full-time bet

These types of bets bet not only on the final result but also on half-time. For example, you can bet on what it will look like after half an hour and how it will end. 1X, in this case, means that the home team will lead in half-time, but the game ends in a draw.


Double chance of sports betting

Double chances often link the results of two bets to each other. It is a 3-way bet. In that case, the bet will be placed on two possible outcomes, not just one event. For example, 1X. In this case, if the home team wins, or if the game ends in a draw, the player wins. Double chances increase your chances of winning but reduce your chances of winning.


Long-term betting

Games usually last only in the afternoon and the winner is determined quickly, but the season is the overall course of the season. This is exactly what a long-term bet is based on. For example, you are betting on a future Bundesliga champion, which will be certain within about a year. You can also bet on the winner of the World Championship. Long-term bets are usually made over a longer period of time.

Combination bet

With a single bet, the customer bets on the outcome of the game and receives a fixed rate. Combination bets offer the possibility to combine multiple single bets with each other. You can bet that Team A will win in Game 1 and Team B will win in Game 2. This gives you a higher rate than if your customers bet on the game individually. However, he wins only if both results are correct.


System bet

System bets are one step ahead of combination bets. Several games are linked, but there may be different ways to win. For example, for a “3/4” system. This means that regardless of the game, only 3 out of 4 tips need to be correct. System bets can be very complex, but the hints can be wrong, so the chances of winning are very high.


Sure bet

The so-called sure bet is a safe bet. What this means is that you bet in a way that will ensure that your customers will ultimately make a profit like in the casino game pokerace. This isn’t really possible with one bookmaker, but it can be used in combination with multiple bookmakers. One bookmaker bets on winner A and the other bets on B.

Bonus Betting / Sports Betting Free Bet

Bet providers often have all sorts of bonus offers in their programs. In sports betting, these can be bonuses or joker bets. The latter can bet and if the chips are wrong, the bookmaker will return the stake. Free bets can be bet that way from the beginning. However, such bonus offers often link to conditions that need to be read carefully in advance.