The betting master bets on everything. You can’t think of it as crazy unless someone is betting money on it. Bookmakers react skillfully to this. Where it used to bet only on horse racing and football, you can now bet on almost any sport, politics, X-Factor, or idol TV show. Esports is also an area of ​​bookmakers.

Now you may be thinking: I’ve been betting on soccer games for years, so I’ll be successful in betting on F1 as well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Every sport has its own rules, vocabulary, and betting strategies.

Of course, you can find the best way to win the sport yourself, but it’s a fairly expensive adventure. Our advice: Follow the betting master and learn all the sports you can bet on.

Below is a list of the sports we have written articles for. Please let us know if you are missing one. We want to be the most comprehensive platform for all Dutch players.


Sports you can bet on

Tips for you to become a professional gambler. For example, consider how to manage your budget, how to choose the right bet, and how to use statistics and trends to get positive results. But first of all, on this page, you can find everything related to betting and your favorite sport.

Bet on Soccer

The absolute king of all sports. This does not apply to all continents, but we dare to make this claim. South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia are crazy about football. I thought it was a pretty world.

It’s only growing in popularity in the United States and Canada. The advantage of this is the amount of content you can find if you want to bet on football. What are the disadvantages? Bookmakers are pretty tough on odds.

Horse Racing bet

Formula 1 before Formula 1 existed. A sport that everyone was betting on before football became as big as it is today. Probably the most stylish sport on the list. And it has a James Bond-like atmosphere and the environment built around it. Horse racing bets are for enthusiasts.

Betting on Tennis

Tennis was a wealthy bourgeoisie sport. In a white polo shirt with sunglasses on the audience. For “Spot the Hollywood Star” in the Wimbledon scene. Tennis is now very accessible and many people are enjoying this sport. By doing it yourself or by following it. Not related to tennis, tennis players have their own specialties. This makes tennis betting a profitable business!

Baseball Bet

Enthusiasts know how good the Netherlands is in baseball. Of course, we are neither Cuba nor America, but we are really intimate. As a result, it’s difficult to set up a game live, and it’s not surprising that American stands are always full. It’s a thrilling tactical game. If you like it so much that you want to bet on baseball, we have a great strategy for you to hit a home run!

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