The wide world of sports betting has become almost unmanageable for newbies. The digital revolution and the rapid development of various technologies have ensured a no less rapid increase in the number of online bookmakers in recent years. The number of offers is correspondingly large. First deposit bonus for new customers, free bets, odds boost. Sports betting and online gambling like situs judi online providers come up with many different things in order to attract customers.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a football fan who wants to bet on games every now and then, or an occasional bettor who is no longer satisfied with the range of bets in his bookies, or even a betting expert who taps elsewhere depending on the event and type of bet and is looking for new bookmakers on the market. They are all more or less perplexed by the constantly growing supply.

Big and small questions about sports betting

On the one hand, it is about the fundamentals. What actually makes a good sports betting provider? Does the bookmaker have a good betting program in terms of both breadth and depth? Do the betting odds stand up to the industry comparison? What should you watch out for when registering a new betting account? Does the bookmaker offer its own sports betting app? Does this also work satisfactorily?

On the other hand, the topic of betting bonus comparison goes into detail. It is well known that many little devils hide there. A bookmaker quickly offers a 100 percent bonus of up to 100 euros. But is the welcome offer also worthwhile for the customer?

Bad comparison: who are the best sports betting providers?

Reliability and trust are also important requirements that customers place on their bookmakers. After all, in addition to money in the form of deposits into the betting account, they are also entrusted with personal data and payment information. Is the subject of data protection approached with the appropriate seriousness? Who guarantees the seriousness of the respective sports betting provider? And vice versa: Why does the bookie allow this or that, but not another?

Anyone interested in opening a new customer account with an online sports betting bookmaker must be clear about what he or she wants.