Poker is unlike any other forms of gambling in which you let everything up to chance. You are playing against the possibility of you losing all your pocket money when the other players have better set of cards. However, poker is actually a game of both chance and skills. You must know how to make your move in every turn. Even if the cards at hand are not likely to win you a game, you must play as if you got the winning hand. The more you practice all the skills needed in poker, the more chips you can keep with you when you leave the table.

However, just like in any other gambling games, you might meet some players willing to play dirty and cheat his way into winning. It is a good thing that the very foundation of poker makes it very difficult for you or anyone who wish to give gambling a bad name to cheat.

Aside from being caught easily in an attempt to cheat, the design features of poker make it really impossible for anyone to do their dirty tricks.

Cheating In Poker Will Bring You More Harm Than Good, So Better Enjoy A Fair Game Like The Others

It is easy to cheat in most card games. All you need to do is to conspire with the card dealer to deal you with great cards. This can be done much easier if you are the dealer itself, or there could be some tricks you can pull off like bringing identical deck of cards to replace your cards at hand. However, all these are virtually impossible to do in poker, moreso in a poker game held at a heavily-guarded casino.

You may think about folding more hands to get the effect of completing a great set. However, folding too often will cost you more bucks, so this is actually not a worthy trick. Another issue is that even if the player with the best hand wins the game, the second placer usually loses the most money. If you are trying to trick by folding to get an average hand, say good enough for the second best hand, you are not going to gain anything if there is someone at the table that got the best hand. Thus, your effort to “cheat” in the game is all for naught.

Some notorious cheaters could try to set up all the hands at the table, in which at least one of the players got a great hand but the cheater has a better one. This is an obvious way of winning the game, but as easy as it sounds, fixing all the cards in the deck before the dealing begins is very difficult. It is much harder than setting up the dealing of cards to gain an extra Ace in bridge.

Another signature cheater move in poker is to mark the cards before the game starts. This way, you will know if other players got a winning or a losing hand. Just like the previous examples of cheating, this trick is hard to perform. As the cards are burned, you just don’t have prior knowledge of the board. You should make it seem like you are not trying to study the cards of other players while you spot the marks that you’ve made. Another thing is that such marks used for cheating are easily noticeable, especially by the card dealer himself. The same issue goes with setting up mirror rings at the table to easily peek at the players’ hands. You might just end up in a cold jail for doing this. When it comes to online casino, the chance for anyone to cheat in a poker game dips into the negative territory.

Be it in judi online or in an actual casino, just don’t think about using cheats as your means to win poker. You are only taking away the fun out of the game, and honestly, you are only putting yourself at risk of getting banned from gambling.