Performance markets are usually made up of components including winning the match, scoring touchdowns and field goals and sacking the opposing quarterback. Losing points is usually restricted to missed kicks and turning over the ball through a fumble or interception. The quote is calculated statistically in the same way as in other sports, as are hotshot quotes (named players to score a touchdown), touchdown yardage (cumulative yards of touchdown scoring plays), touchdown minutes (total cumulative minutes that touchdowns are scored in) and individual player touchdown minutes.


The latter has a lot in common with the individual player goal-scoring minutes in soccer and similarly sees vastly more buyers than sellers. Many other live match markets follow along similar lines to rugby league and union games. Shirt numbers markets are related to total points—although with players wearing shirts going up to 99 it can clearly be considerably more volatile than almost any other shirts market.


Starting quotes for high scoring matches can be over 300—a lot to pay when it is remembered that running backs who score a significant percentage of points only wear shirts numbered up to 40. And just as in association football, games do end up with shirt make-ups of zero—the nuclear result for buyers.