Online poker portals. Only those who are clever and knowledgeable have a good chance of making high profits in poker online. In preparation, poker expert suggests that before you visit one of the online poker portals such as Pokerstars, Party Poker, Everest Poker, or even Bocoran Singapore (Asia) for the first time, a basic course in a poker school is highly recommended. There are hundreds of schools online. For example, game videos teach you how to play poker and win hands. Similar to other tutorials and instruction videos can of course also be found on YouTube.

Warm-up with play money

Another tip that experts emphatically emphasizes: “Poker with play money!” The learning of strategies should be best put in practice and internalize beginners using play money. All common poker schools offer such an option. This gives you the opportunity to learn to safely assess and improve your own skills. In play money mode you can test safely and in some cases, you can even win real money.

Indeed, Practice Makes Perfect! This is really the key secret to success. Players hone their skills with practice, and with better skills, there are more odds of winning. Practice also increases their playing experience. 

Get in low and get big

To avoid quick losses, beginners should always start with low limits, also because there are very significant differences between the play money mode and proper play that you have to get used to. The player should always want to reduce the risk and therefore it is always a smart move to start small and go big slowly.


Risk control through clever BRM

Staying in the game for a longer period of time and maybe playing a little higher later in the game is not a question of luck but of proper management. With so-called bankroll management, poker players can reduce their risk of losing all of their invested capital. This means that total failures are reduced to a minimum.

A golden rule for this is that online poker players should have at least 30 whole event buy-ins prior to having a seat at the online poker table. When playing in the cash game in which real money is used in every bet, a 100 factor is advised. Meaning that with a huge one euro blind, the player must be prepared (at the poker table) with 40 to 100 euros and a minimum of 2000 euros in the account. If the player has gone below this limit, then it is time to leave the table. This give the player a chance to even out (or possibly increase) the remaining capital on lower limit tables.

Understanding of variance

If you want to play tournaments, you should be aware from the start that they are subject to substantial differences (variance). Many novice players already are weighed down to receive a satisfactory degree of play as a way to take part in mid / highstakes competitions and likewise to succeed in them. An ideal attitude and the described bankroll control are really crucial.