Sports betting is very popular, and online casinos are increasingly offering it like in togel online.

Sports betting has always been prevalent in the United States, but it is also in the Netherlands. TOTO, for example, was founded in 1956. Everything you need to know about betting on football, Formula 1, darts, tennis, and other sports can be found right here.

The popularity of sports betting is mainly due to the extra excitement it provides when following a sporting event. Nowadays, you can bet money on all kinds of bets at any sporting event in the world. From betting on a winner at a football match, to betting on the number of dropouts in Formula 1: everything is possible.


In the Netherlands, you can currently only take out sports betting with TOTO. They are currently the only legal provider of sports betting. This will change later this year (October 1, 2021), as soon as the new Remote Gaming Act takes effect.

At the TOTO there is an extensive range of sports you can bet on. Football is by far the most popular sport to bet money on. Also, tennis, cycling, Formula 1, darts, basketball, golf, martial arts, skating, and American football are among the sports that regularly deployed.


The TOTO has a wide range of bets for every sport. For every football match, you often have over a hundred different betting options, from total goals scored to correct match result.

For football, there are also several “Boosts” offered, giving you extra high odds for some bets. In addition, there are a number of “Specials” that also give you extra options to use.

The same goes for bets on tennis, darts, basketball and American Football. There you will also be offered dozens of options per match.

All in all, TOTO has something for everyone and fans of betting on sports can have their fun at the only legal provider in the Netherlands.

Sports betting – several options
In addition to an extensive range of sports, you also have many options when betting on sports. For example, you can bet on the winner of a football match, but also on the number of 180 players at a darts match. Below are the most common sports betting options:

  • Result – this option is by far the most popular in sports betting.
  • Double Chance – in football you also have the option to bet on “Double Chance” when it comes to result.
  • Draw No Bet – In sports where you can also bet a draw, you also have the option to choose “Draw No Bet”.
  • Total Number – for many sports you can also bet on a “Total Number”.
  • Correct Score – you can also bet on the “Correct Score” in a number of sports.
  • Handicap – When betting on “Handicap”, the most important thing to remember is that you are actually betting on a result that is about to come, but is working up against a fictitious backlog or are dealing with a virtual lead even before the match starts.
  • Odd / Even – at TOTO you can also bet on “Odd (odd) / Even”.
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