Darts is one of those sports that many people have already played themselves before delving into darts betting.

More and more fanatics are betting on darts and games of chance such as pkv qq poker. It’s not surprising if you look at the increased entertaining factor that fans feel when they fixate on the lightning-fast arrows.

Darts betting

Match betting is the most basic type of dart betting. You bet on the winner of a certain match – it’s that simple. You can also bet your money on the correct number of points or the different legs.

One form of darts betting is the overall winner. With long-term bets (outright) you bet on the winner of a tournament – for example the winner of the world championship.

Another outright bet is betting that a specific player will win the quarterfinals. This is intended for players who do not want to bet on a darts player to be the overall winner of the competition but believe that they will participate in the competition for a certain number of rounds.

There are many over/under betting opportunities in darts such as betting on the total number of sets in a match.

It is also possible to bet with a set handicap.

“King of the Oche” is another interesting type of bet. You are betting that one of the players will win the match, get the highest checkout and get the most 180s.

Another type of bet is the number of 180s in a match. This is a direct bet on the number of highs you think will be thrown.

The biggest darts tournaments

The world championship is certainly the biggest darts tournament which takes place every year in December and January. Darts fans can bet on who will win the World Cup for most of the year.

Another big tournament is the Premier League of Darts, a 16-week tournament played by the best players in the world. The tournament, which takes place between February and May, takes place in some of the largest arenas in the UK, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

Other major championships are the World Grand Prix, the World Matchplay, and the Grand Slam of Darts.

There are also several other prestigious darts tournaments where players fight hard for victory. These include “The Masters” with the top 16 players in the world and the World Series of Darts.

The nice thing about darts is that there is a tournament happening almost every week. Whether in the UK or Asia, bets can be placed anytime you are into this amazing sport.