To someone who is not used to betting on basketball, they would mostly think that the concept is just to choose who the winner of the game is going to be. But for regular bettors, they know that it is more than that. As a matter of fact, there are array of basketball bets you can make and it is necessary to be mindful about it.

While there is no need to make use of all basketball bets there are, it would be enough to know that they do exist. This ensures that you are making the best bet and not giving away free money. Much like when playing in live casino, it is essential to know about the different strategies that can be applied to every game available to maximize your winning and minimize your potential losses.

Basketball Bet Types

So in this article, let us focus on the basketball bets commonly used and how you can use it to your advantage. Great thing is, majority of these bets are available no matter what league you wish to bet on be it:

  • Euro League
  • NCAA Basketball
  • NBA

Basically, any basketball you could think of, the following bets are available.

Moneyline Bets

Among the different bets you will come across, this bet is the easiest to understand and at the same time, the most popular option there is. With such bet, all that has to be done is to pick who the winnwer will be. That is so straightforward! So between the two teams playing, pick whom you think will win and place your moneyline bet, if they win, then you win!

Spread Bets

This is yet another popular bet. Spread bets oftentimes confused punters however, the moment that you understand it, it is fairly easy to bet with such and turn every bet to an opportunity of winning.

However, this is where spread bets will kick in. Sportsbook is going to decide how many points they foresee a team will lose or win in the game. Then, they’ll let you bet based on which team will meet that prediction.

Totals Bets

When it comes to basketball betting, anyone who’s been in it knows how it works. Actually, this is also called as over/under bet at times. While this bet may be applied to several things throughout a game, it’s typically applied to the overall cumulative game score.