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Poker has been something of a downward spiral for years. Since Black Friday back in 2011, three of the largest US poker businesses fall of the legislation. This happened using indictments and hefty loans handed out to each one of them.

The popularity of this kind of internet gambling has dropped to a serious extent. There is a growth of bum seekers preying on recreational players in online poker rooms. And like casino games with live dealers, online poker is also on its final legs.

But operators aren’t giving up. Their eyes are turning into Asia as the potential place of a resurgence on online poker. Although, this might not get it back to the peaks of this trend which pre-dated in 2011.

This might have the ability to bring poker straight back into the forefront. Rather than lurking in the shadows.

Internet Poker Growing in Asia

There’s been a definite rise in popularity of the game in the past couple of decades. Although poker doesn’t have the background in Asian states as it does in a few other labs around the world.

Among Asia’s advantages is that even if interest is low, it still has a massive effect due to the continent’s size.

If a small fraction of players can play poker, then that percent still translates to a large amount. And it appears set to rise even more.

A current story made it crystal clear that poker is definitely having an effect in Asia. Though it is not a positive narrative. A ‘Goldman Sachs’ worker earned millions from their firm of debts from Chinese poker sites.

This narrative could be an extreme case but it will reveal that poker is about the growth in Asia. And it’s not surprising that many are visiting because it reunites poker to its old dominance.

Nations on fame, such as India and China, are currently spearheading the boom. As well as the likes of the Philippines and Japan are right in their heels. In Indonesia, poker sites like Poker88 are becoming very popular.

Players in India are especially well known to play with live dealer casino games. And there are several tier 1 live casino which is currently targeting this industry.

The business is conscious of it. With poker events like the Asian Pacific Poker Tour gaining traction.

Although it might appear easy, online poker is on the verge of becoming popular. Thus, the achievement of it is sure as it is simple.



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Legal Issues

It’s not possible to go over internet poker in Asia without contemplating the laws behind it.

Internet poker for cash has been illegal in China. But is being obtained around by programs, which provided poker for ‘Play Money’ .

In 2018, the government stated that Chinese gambling is ten times more rewarding. Compared to international gaming, it would be breaking down on programs.

It became clear that it wasn’t only China clamping down together with partypoker.

China is a strange one. People are uncertain how the laws function knowing that form of betting is out of Macau and Hong Kong. Although on other states, its operations are not approved.

The legislation in other nations is better, while regulations and laws are stringent. And there’s always the chance of crackdowns. It appears that Asian governments aren’t that sure of how to regulate gambling.

There is an appeal to Asian states from poker sites. Searching to light the flame that’s been missing for the previous eight decades or so.

Whether that becomes known in the Asian marketplace is dependent on the law later on. And the likes of partypoker coming in some Asian markets indicates it is not likely to be easy on any level.

If the business figures out how to grow the market there, even a small percent from this could be enormous. And there is excitement across Asia as the continent may become the home of online poker.

But will it? We are going to need to wait and watch!