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Betting in sports competitions has always been popular in the Netherlands. When the toto was founded by the KNVB, it grew so quickly that the government had no choice but to make the football totalizer legal and to adjust the legislation for this. We are now much further: as a Dutchman you can simply bet online on sports betting in a legal way, to make the matches even more exciting or to play for the big winnings at the casino and the bookmaker.

Have you never bet on a sports bet, are you looking for tips or do you want to prepare for the big tournaments later this year? Then you will find below a number of useful tips with which you can get started right away.

Always choose a reliable and safe bookmaker

You can gamble on sports matches at an online bookmaker, or an online casino that also has a sports betting section on the website. There are many websites where you can find this. In fact, a short search on Google for bookmakers will give you tens of thousands of results. This is not the way to find a reliable and secure website. To find a good bookmaker, only look at bookmakers who have a good license that you verified via a scam site. Preferably even a license from the KSA (Dutch Gaming Authority). You then know for sure that you can play in a safe way and that the bookmaker is checked.

Another advantage is that these websites are only allowed to offer bonuses that have a fair character. For example, it must be possible to clear the winnings and the bonus must not provoke excessive, extra games.

Don’t make it too difficult for yourself while betting

You have undoubtedly seen a bet slip with thousands of euros of winnings, with several bets stacked to achieve a huge payout. That looks nice, but for a novice player, this is a drama. Firstly because this almost never leads to a correct prediction, and secondly because in this way you spend a long time building up the bet, while that is not ideal at all.

If you are just starting out with sports betting or you just want to keep sports betting fun, then you place single bets. So do not try to predict all corner kicks, goal scorers, and the total number of goals, but leave it at a winner and bet a few euros on it. This way you can play at different matches without the costs immediately increasing and you suddenly running a risk.


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Take advantage of bonuses and don’t stay with a bookmaker for too long

The competition between the different casinos and bookmakers is great. That is why they offer numerous bonuses, where you can think of welcome bonuses and promotions for the people who already have an account. Make use of this. If your bookmaker offers a free bet or another bonus and this fits your preferences, please go into this. Another tip is to play with two or even three bookmakers. Keep in mind that you continue to play as a bookmaker with a license from the KSA or a Maltese license.

That way you can not only always choose the best odds (bookmakers do not always have the same odds for a certain match), but you can also compare the bonuses at that moment and choose the best action to make use of it.

Determine a strategy before you start playing

The last tip is probably the most important. Don’t just dive into the world of sports betting. With the sheer number of matches and therefore bets you can place, it’s easy to get lost. First, determine a strategy. For example, how much money do you want to deposit per week or per month? Do you place bets on the basis of your own knowledge and feelings, or do you investigate and look at the statistics and predictions on a weekly basis? Do you only play on matches that you are also going to watch, or do you place bets based on the odds so that you bet a small amount everywhere and at the end of the day you can see what you have won or lost?

The better you know what you want to do, the easier and more fun it becomes to regularly place a sports bet.