Many modern day sports are blessed with their all-dominant superstars, snooker is remarkable in the current period for its competitiveness, with a number of players vying with each other for the big tournaments. Do not get the wrong impression, however. Just because the game is not dominated by a Steve Davis or a Stephen Hendry at the moment does not mean the players are not as good. If anything, they are better than ever according to Chris Camp, snooker market-maker for IG.


The players are definitely getting better. They are more aggressive generally and putting together bigger breaks. There were a record number of century breaks at the World Championship in 2002 and that will continue to happen. There are also youngsters coming along who are superb and challenging the best players.


This means that quotes on total points, century breaks, fifty- ups and ton-ups (points in a break over 50 and 100 respectively) are probably going to be buys despite their apparent high price. The trend is shown online once you research for it, which shows the big breaks over the past eight years of the World Championship. Although the size of the highest break may have remained the same, the number of centuries has increased dramatically.